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Do you struggle with pain?

  • Is pain limiting your ability to truly live?
  • Have you struggled for years exploring solutions without success?
  • Do you find your mood and wellbeing are suffering?
  • Are you unable to do the activities you truly enjoyed in the past?

What we regularly treat


Rotator cuff tears

Low back pain

fatigue or brain fog

Joint pain

Sun damaged skin

Neck Pain

Scar tissue

& much More...

Finally time to find relief where past treatment has failed

We understand the frustration and difficulty in finding real solutions to these health challenges -

it's what got us Practicing medicine. 

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I got injured on the job back in January. Referred to him by my provider as they couldn’t figure out what was going on. I was in excruciating pain after a fall and my right knee. Since going to see Dr Pasma my pain has gotten better. I’m able to start riding my bike and recently was released to go to gentle yoga which are two activities I haven’t been able to do since my injury.

Jacqueline A.


I suffered from debilitating migraines for more than 15 years. When medications were no longer working, I sought alternate treatments - which led me to Dr. Lenoue. My headaches are almost nonexistent now. And if one does pop up it’s minor and easily treated with an extra cup of coffee or over the counter medication. I recommend him frequently to family & friends!

Danita H.


How much does it cost

Your Costs will vary based on recommended treatments - Click below to see more specifics. We also accept some insurance depending on the treatment which may help financially.

My experience with Lenoue Integrative Medicine has been amazing. I have suffered from chronic back pain for 3 years... My back would seize up making everyday tasks impossible - let alone playing with my kids. I tried physical therapy and visited the chiropractor several times, but nothing helped until I started seeing Dr. Lenoue. My back now feels great, and have had no problems with it since. I’m able to play with my kids freely and even play golf again. I have no restrictions and feel like I have been given a new lease on life. This clinic is amazing.

John W.


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