Stem Cell Therapy

Stem Cell therapy is revolutionizing the treatment of osteoarthritis and connective tissue injuries.  Stem cells have the potential to rebuild any type of damaged cell, such as knee cartilage/meniscus cells,  or labrum cells of the shoulder or hip.

At Lenoue Integrative Medicine, we use autologous stem cells, which means the stem cells are taken from the patient’s own body.

These stem cells, which are referred to as mesenchymal stem cells, are collected from the patient’s own bone marrow, and then filtered and concentrated using our specialized laboratory techniques.  The concentrated stem cells are then directly injected into the injured joint or tissue, igniting the regeneration process.

Typically this treatment calls for 1-3 injections over 1-3 years. Initial results often are seen within 2-6 weeks after injection.

Conditions commonly treated with Stem Cell Therapy:

  • knee osteoarthritis
  • hip osteoarthritis
  • ankle osteoarthritis
  • torn labrum of the shoulder
  • torn labrum of the hip
  • pain at the base of the thumb (1st CMC arthritis)
  • arthritis affecting the hands or feet
  • plantar fascitis
  • torn or degenerative knee meniscus
  • torn or degenerative knee ligaments (MCL, LCL, ACL, PCL)
  • ligament injuries of the ankle

Stem Cell therapy can be used as a treatment alone, or can be used in combination with prolotherapy or PRP.  Every patient is unique, and therefore each case is customized for that individual.

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