Osteopathic Medicine

“It is the object of a physician to find health, anyone can find disease.”
-Andrew Taylor Still M.D., D.O. (Founder of Osteopathy)

Osteopathic Manipulative Treament (OMT) is the therapeutic application of manually guided forces to improve physiologic function and/or support homeostasis. OMT is applied to regions of diagnosed somatic dysfunction to restore the body to homeostasis.


Somatic dysfunction: Impaired or altered function of related components of the somatic system including skeletal, arthrodial (joint), and myofascial structures, and related vascular, lymphatic, and neurologic elements. -Glossary of Osteopathic Terminology


Treatment techniques:
-Osteopathy in the cranial field
-Myofascial release
-Visceral manipulation
-Percussion hammer treatment
-Lymphatic treatment
-Fascial distortion model
-Muscle energy
-Brain treatment
-Exercise prescription
-Trigger point injections

OMT is for all ages!